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System Operations

Grid’s current total transmission.

Our System Operations division is located in our Control Centre in Reykjavík, from where an extensive control network is operated for the entire country’s electricity system.

Our Control Centre collects a wide array of data on the electricity system’s operations and condition at any given time. It is the heart of the system’s control and in co-ordination, including the monitoring of electricity generation and transmission countrywide.

Distribution system operators, generating companies and power-intensive industries throughout Iceland take part in these control and monitoring activities through a powerful communications network – a prerequisite for the system’s secure operation.

Operational security

The Control Centre is on stand-by 24 hours a day year round to ensure that the electricity system’s operational security always meets the highest standards. Its responsibilities include ensuring that the system always has sufficient spinning reserves available, adequate voltage levels for all customers and satisfactory frequency quality. System Operations’ energy management system monitors data on the electricity network’s overall condition at all times.

Regulating power market

Generated electricity flows continuously into the transmission system for use all around the country. We operate a regulating power market for electricity provided by Landsnet to balance disparity between projected and actual power consumption in the electricity system.