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Infrastructure projects

We undertake a range of infrastructure projects to fulfil contracts on increased power transmission.

Main reasons for new infrastructure projects in recent years:

  • Increased electricity consumption by power-intensive industries.
  • New generating units connected to the grid.
  • Increased general consumption of electricity (distributors).
  • Increased security-of-supply requirements.
Man repairing a transmission line

Environmental audit

To ensure an exemplary standard of finish for our infrastructure projects, we have adopted a procedure whereby an environmental audit is carried out at the end of each project. The objective of such audits is to:
  • Ensure consensus on the developer’s activities with regard to the provisions of construction permits and any decision or ruling concerning an environmental impact assessment.
  • Follow up on our requirements set out in tender documents on the standard of finish delivered by contractors upon project completion.
  • Follow up on our own plans on mitigation measures.


The preparation of a transmission infrastructure project usually takes several years and affords many opportunities for various stakeholders to shape the process along the way. We encourage the general public, landowners and other stakeholders to exercise their right of participation in the decision-making process, thereby contributing to finding the best and most efficient solution.