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New infrastructure projects

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Construction of FL transmission line.

We strive to minimise any adverse effects of our operations on the natural environment. To this end, we have formulated a special Environmental Policy for infrastructure development. The policy gives focus to minimising environmental impact during construction and ensuring an optimal standard of finish upon project completion.

As part of implementing this policy, we have defined the following targets:

  • No environmental accidents should occur during construction projects, including any uncontrolled release of undesirable substances into the environment. 
  • No land disturbance should occur outside defined construction sites.
  • Within the construction site, due consideration must be given to its ecosystem and land disturbance kept to a minimum.

These key principles are incorporated into our tender documents for infrastructure projects, with all our consultants and contractors required to comply with the policy and take due account of environmental considerations in all respects. Landsnet and the appropriate public bodies monitor compliance with these principles, contracts and other provisions during the construction phase.

Environmental audit

To ensure that construction sites’ standard of finish accords with our Environmental Policy, we have adopted a procedure whereby a special environmental audit is carried out at the end of each project. The representatives of major stakeholders participate in these audits, such as municipalities, landowners and public authorities.