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Smelltu á mynd til að stækka

Oil in power transformers is among the environmental hazards that need monitoring.

The main potential pollutants in the electricity system that could have an adverse environmental impact are oil in power transformers and the greenhouse gas SF6, which is used as a flame retardant. Both serve as an insulation and cooling medium by enveloping electrical equipment in a closed system, and thus neither burn nor dissipate.

Internal quality control

The operation of substations is subject to effective quality control by Landsnet. Transformers and other electrical equipment in substations are telemonitored 24 hours a day from our Control Centre, whose staff can therefore report immediately upon receiving an alert on leakage in electrical equipment.

Our Maintenance department performs regular monitoring of all of Landsnet’s electrical equipment. If insulating gas needs to be emptied from electrical equipment for repair, this is done using a special container device that stores the gas and enables its reuse.

EN standard

Landsnet has set itself the target that losses of SF6 gas in switchgear should never exceed 0.5% per year. This is in line with the EN standard ÍST EN 62271-203:2012