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Landsnet is committed to raising safety awareness.

Our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy sets a clear vision based on our key values:

  • Reliability
  • Progress
  • Economy
  • Respect


Our EHS policy aims

  • To ensure that all our staff and others working on our projects return safe and sound to their homes after each day’s work 
  • To promote an enjoyable, safe and healthy working environment
  • To be a trustworthy and reliable company for our staff and their safety
  • To increase our staff’s safety awareness in a positive way
  • To demonstrate social responsibility on safety and health issues
  • To be an active participant among Icelandic companies in shaping safety standards on a national level
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Our EHS Policy guides all or activities and projects


  • The policy and procedures are presented to all staff, with focus on systematic training as the key to a safe working environment.
  • Risk, damage and human injury are minimised through effective communications, risk assessment and compliance with laws and rules.
  • Thorough investigations to identify the causes of incidents and accidents enable us to learn lessons and take appropriate measures to reduce risk.
  • Experience, knowledge and professionalism must be the basis of contingency planning and responding appropriately to any safety incident or accident.
  • Safety is not a private concern. We seek to participate in safety co-operation on a broad front, both domestically and abroad. In particular, an effort is made to disseminate information on effective methodologies and means.
  • Implementing the international occupational health and safety management standard OHSAS 18001 forms part of our efforts to ensure safe working procedures through a quality-management approach. The OHSAS standard also provides for periodic reviews based on staff’s experience and their real working conditions.
  • Our EHS Policy serves as a guideline for all co-operative projects under our direction. Our partners in such co-operation are required to work methodically on their safety issues, and we will be prepared to share our experience in occupational health and safety.