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Our policy

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Landsnet’s corporate policy is based on the company’s role and future vision and aims to ensure that we perform our duties with care and diligence and in the best possible harmony with society and the environment.

The corporate policy sets out a promise to society to ensure a secure electricity supply, a high-quality grid, a high level of operational security in the future, harmony with society and the environment, efficient operations, informed debate and effective management and organisation. 

The promises are:

A secure electricity supply – a high-quality, secure grid for the future

Landsnet is committed to ensuring that that all citizens, whether individuals, companies or public bodies, have access to electricity in the quantity and quality needed at all times. Future priorities are defined, including reliability, security and quality criteria. Landsnet will work towards a broad consensus on the rationale underlying decisions on infrastructure development and investment.

In harmony with society and the environment

Building a social consensus on Landsnet’s role and aims will be an important enabler of progress. Such a consensus requires an understanding among the general public that the grid is one of the mainstays of our society. Landsnet therefore works towards raising awareness of its role, activities and importance as one of modern society’s fundamental facilities. This requires a focus on corporate social responsibility intertwined with our policies. The company will seek to initiate and maintain a continuous dialogue with stakeholders – a dialogue characterised by honesty, responsibility, open-mindedness, mutual respect and a co-operative spirit. We will strive to minimise the environmental impact of the grid’s operation and development.

Prudent use of funds – effective operations

Grid strengthening and a focus on bottleneck elimination will support a healthy investment environment for participants in the energy market and serve to reduce waste in the electricity sector as a whole. We take a “cradle to grave” approach to the grid when making decisions on investment and activities, with due consideration paid to the national interest. We manage and use the funds entrusted to us in a prudent manner, including proper stewardship of financial and other resources and cost-effective grid development, construction and operation.

A clear image

Landsnet seeks to build a clear corporate image of professionalism, trust and social responsibility. We strive to be a modern and forward-looking company that looks for a variety of solutions with an open mind in the overall public interest. We are committed to thorough, readily understandable and honest communication of information.

Strategic management and organisation

Landsnet’s organisational structure must support its role, policy and activities in a clear and targeted manner, including the company’s promises to its customers and society at large. We place importance on a simple and effective organisational structure with strong main functional divisions and clear lines of responsibility that allow for a holistic overview of processes. In parallel, focus is placed on continuous improvements to simplify processes and step up efficiency and effectiveness. We use methodical practices and procedures and strive for continual improvement based on international management standards. We meet the requirements applicable to our activities, including legal and other requirements.

A good workplace

Landsnet shows due care for all its employees. This includes providing them with opportunities to engage in exciting work and develop their skills in a professional and ambitious environment. We are committed to creating a good workplace whose culture and relations are shaped by our corporate values and whose employees are afforded opportunities to develop and progress. Our corporate culture is characterised by service-mindedness and due care for the needs of our customers, staff, society and the environment. We work continually to improve health protection, safety and operational security and attach importance to cultivating a shared outlook among our staff on the company’s values, purpose and role