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Our customers

Landsnet’s main customers are electricity generating companies, distribution system operators and suppliers as well as power-intensive industries.

We strive to provide all stakeholders in the electricity market with access to information and data relating to power generation and supply. To ensure effective competition, we maintain utmost confidentiality and information security. We also provide various, useful information on power transmission and the electricity system’s condition at any given time.

Databanks for customers

Our customers have controlled access to online databanks, not unlike online banking facilities, which enable them to submit generation schedules for the next day or week and access measured values for their electricity generation or consumption over defined periods.

Sweeping developments are expected with the advent of the electricity trading market, with experience and growing knowledge calling for increased information access. One of our roles is to meet the market’s information needs. We will endeavour to do so through high-quality, easy-access information services helping market participants to rationalise their activities.

The Icelandic electricity market’s key stakeholders and our key customers are: