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International relations

Landsnet is Iceland’s only transmission system operator (TSO). Therefore, we co-operate on an international level with foreign TSOs for comparative analysis of practices and performance.

We have launched innovation projects in partnership with foreign TSOs and consultants as part of our efforts to find effective solutions for new infrastructure projects and operations.

Nordic TSOs

We have forged close partnerships with other Nordic TSOs.

Finland Norway Sweden

The International Transmission Operations & Maintenance Study (ITOMS™) is a consortium of over 20 TSOs for comparative analysis of performance and practices. Landsnet (and its predecessor) have participated in this comparison and exchange of information since 1996, which has transformed our maintenance and stepped up efficiency. Based on the most recent comparison, our cost levels are among the lowest of our peers.

The International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) is a worldwide organisation for the development of technical knowledge on electric power systems. Its members include players in the energy industry, manufacturers of equipment, universities and experts in the energy field in the widest sense. CIGRE carries out an extensive range of activities under its auspices, including conferences, meetings, symposia and permanent studies around the world.

We also participate in performance benchmarking comparisons of TSO control centres. The Group of International Comparison of Transmission System Operation Practice (TSO) is an international project with members from 21 TSO control centres around the world.

Control centres operate in different environments, some of them independently and some owned by TSOs. Based on the latest comparison survey, Landsnet is among the top performers in this field.

Coordinated by SINTEF Energy Research, the GARPUR project is performed by collaborative efforts of 7 TSOs (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Iceland and Norway), 12 R&D providers and 1 innovation management expert.